Week 9

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(Specific information is intended as an example only.)

Lesson 82: International Formatting—Mexico
  • 82-C, 5-Minute Timed Writing, 44/5e
  • 82-D, International URLs
82-E: Symbol—Insert
Complete the Practice Exercise in the Word Manual.
Report 82-58, Business Report (with table; A4 paper)
Lesson 83: International Formatting—France
  • 83-G+, Language Arts, Proofreading
    Repeat these drills until you have 2 errors maximum
  • 83-H, Dot-Style Telephone Numbers
  • 83-I, International Telephone Access Codes

Correspondence 83-79, Business Letter in Block Style (A4 paper)

Lesson 84: International Formatting—Germany
  • 84-D, 5-Minute Timed Writing, 44/5e
  • 84-E, Metric Units of Measurement

Report 84-59, Business Report (multipage; 2 tables; rough draft), Proofreading Check

This is your fourth Proofreading Check document. Read and follow all the directions for Proofreading Checks so you will know how to complete this Proofreading Check successfully.
Lesson 85: International Formatting—China
  • 85-C, Composing an E-Mail Message

Correspondence 85-83, Business Letter in Block Style (A4 paper)

Lesson 86: Formal Report Project—A

Lesson 86-C, 5-Minute Timed Writing, 45/5e

86-D: Styles
Complete the Practice Exercise in the Word Manual.
Report 86-60, Business Report
  • Your textbook may have a printing error. On page 352, in line 8, “Fuhrman” should be spelled “Fuhrmann.”
  • This is the first part of formal report project that continues through five lessons.
  • Styles. You will apply styles to specific headings in this report. Embedded within those styles are font sizes and line spacing before and after side headings. Note the final three steps appearing on p. 350—they tell you not to apply any of the styles until you have completed typing the first two pages of the report on pages 351 and 352 of your text.
  • It is CRUCIAL that you follow the steps at the top of page 350 in your text to prepare the first two pages of the report. If you do not complete these steps in the proper sequence, your format and styles used in this report will be inaccurate.