Week 15

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Computer Keyboarding 2 Online
(Specific information is intended as an example only.)

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Lesson 116 | Lesson 117 | Lesson 118 | Lesson 119 | Lesson 120
Part 6 Test


  • The deadline to resubmit all skillbuilding and document processing tests is the end of the day on Friday of this week—NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  • On the final exam day, only final timed writings will be given—absolutely no document testing will be given—NO EXCEPTIONS. Missing document tests will earn a 0.
  • The best way to improve your grade at this point is to work on skillbuilding to increase your speed and accuracy so that you will do well on your final timed writings. It could make the difference between a pass and a fail.
  • Check your e-mail for details on dates and times. Some students think they can request an incomplete if they are not finished or are behind schedule. ABSOLUTELY NO INCOMPLETES WILL BE GIVEN FOR THIS REASON—NO EXCEPTIONS.
Now is the time to focus your efforts primarily on skillbuilding. Some parts of the remaining lessons have been skipped, such as Language Arts. Check these assignment sheets carefully so you don't waste your time completing work that is not required. Below are the goals for speed on a 5-minute timed writing with 5 errors or fewer:
  • A = 55+ wpm

  • B = 51-54

  • C = 47-50

  • D = 43-46

  • F = 42 or below

Lesson 112: A-C
  • Lesson 112-C, 5-Minute Timed Writing, 50/5e
Lesson 113: A-F
Lesson 114: A-D
  • Lesson 114-D, 5-Minute Timed Writing, 50/5e
Lesson 115: A-C
Lesson 116: A-C
  • Lesson 116-C, 5-Minute Timed Writing, 50/5e
Lesson 117: A-C
Lesson 118: A-C
  • Lesson 118-C, 5-Minute Timed Writing, 50/5e
Lesson 119: A-F
Lesson 120: A-D
  • Lesson 120-D, 5-Minute Timed Writing, 50/5e

Part 6 Test
(94 minutes +6 for saving and uploading)

Never take an actual document processing test until you have successfully completed the practice document processing test! You will not be prepared.
  • You will be typing three documents. Allow a maximum of 1 hour and 13 minutes for all three tests.
  • You must schedule your on-campus test with an Instructional Assistant. I will e-mail you all details. 
  • You have only one chance at passing this test, so be prepared. Bring your books with you.
  • If you haven't taken this test by the end of next week, an automatic 10% late penalty will be taken. For example, if you earned an A+ but the test was late, your grade would be lowered to a B+.